Toyko Mods has twenty years experience working and racing in the motorcycle industry we know what works. We choose to manufacture and sell only the highest quality parts available. 

Tokyomods Coolant Recovery Kit
Tokyomods Complete Hose Kit
Tokyomods RAD KIT
Heat Wrap
Fuel Container
CV4 Radiator Hose Kits
Tokyomods Coolant Recovery System

Keep coolant in your bike and off the ground with the Tokyomods Coolant Recovery System. This system is a universal fitment to all water-cooled off road motorcycles, ATV and side by side vehicles. Our unique bottle and bracket design will allow you to install this system securely out of the way on your vehicle.



Tokyomods Complete Bike Hose Kit
The Tokyomods complete bike hose kit includes the carburetor vent hose kit, engine vent kit, radiator overflow hose kit, and fuel line. Available in yellow or black.
Tokyomods Hi Pressure Radiator Cap & Overflow Hose Kit
The Tokyomods high-pressure radiator cap and Hose kti directly replace the factory cap and overflow line. Not only does the yellow hose clean up the look of yuor machine, the 1.4kg/cm2 pressure rating increases the performance of your radiator. Fits all modern MX bikes & ATV's.
KIT $39.95
Hose ONLY $8.95
Fuel Line Head Wrap
Protect your fuel from horsepower robbing engine heat with our heat wrap. Simply slide it over your fuel line and go!
$8.95 per Foot
Fuel Container

This 5 gallon metal fuel container is far superior to any plastic jug available. The easy to use sealed cap won’t release race gas vapors in your garage, and makes filling your tank simple. Your expensive race fuel will also last longer in this fuel container.

CV4 Radiator Hose Kits