The bike that started the four-stroke revolution benefits from significant chassis and engine refinements.

Tokyomods Carb Mod
New Modified Carburetor
Tokyomods Less Tension Throttle Spring
ECU Programing
Vortex 10 Map ECU
Tokyomods 10 Map Ignition
Tokyomods Engine Parts
CV4 Radiator Hose Kit
Carburetor Mod / Complete Carburetors
Tokyomods is the originator of four stroke carburetor modifications .The Tokyomods Carb Mod will dramatically improve the performance of your four stroke motocross or off-road machine. We start by completely disassembling and cleaning your entire carburetor, along with inspecting and replacing all damaged or worn parts. The process continues with modifying and installing the Tokyomods jetting specs together with any accessories that the customer requests. Lastly, every unit is bench tested before it’s packaged and shipped out to the customer. The majority of carburetors that Tokyomods modifies have some sort of other pre existing problem; this is why we won’t just sell a "jet kit", Jet kits alone are not enough to keep today’s complex carburetors performing at their best.
  Tokyomods Carb Mod $249.95
New Modified Carburetor
YZ450F New Modified Carburetor $999.95
YZ450F New Modified Carburetor with R&D Float Bowl $1,199.95
WR450F New Modified Carburetor $999.95
WR450F New Modified Carburetor with R&D Float Bowl $1,199.95
Tokyomods Less Tension Throttle Spring
Is your throttle to stiff? This Tokyomods low tension throttle return spring was designed to reduce the stiff feeling in your Bike or ATV throttle. This custom throttle spring works with any Keihin FCR type Carburetors. This is a great addition to the Tokyomods Carburetor modification.
Price: $29.95
Tokyomods Fuel & Ignition Reprogramming
Tokyomods is the industry leader in performance ignition systems for today's MX, SX, SuperMoto and ATV’s. We continue to lead the way in the EFI and Ignition field by introducing VP Racing Fuel specific performance maps. Remapping is a must with any aftermarket exhaust system or other engine modifications. Even a stock bike will see significant gains in power after installing Tokyomods fuel injection and ignition performance maps. With the introduction of VP Racing Fuel specific maps by Tokyomods you can boost your performance at an affordable price. Please visit the fuel section of tokyomods.com to find the best fuel for your application. Complete our fuel & ignition reprogramming form and send in your stock ECU. We will reprogram it with one of our exclusive fuel & ignition maps that is appropriate for your needs.
Reprogramming price: $98.95
Vortex 10 Map ECU

The 10 Map ECU is like our 10 Map Ignition and EFI Interceptor rolled into one module controlling not only ignition timing and Voltage output but also fuel mapping and other engine management functions. The result is more power, better power, easier starting and ultimately faster lap times.
This unit comes pre-programmed with 10 Performance Fuel & Ignition maps as well as having 3 additional switches for user trimming of Fuel in Lo, Mid and Hi throttle openings.
The ECU plugs directly into the bikes standard wiring harness and interfaces with all the standard engine sensors such as ECT (Engine Coolant Temperature), IAT (Intake Air Temperature), MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure), TPS (Throttle Position Sensor), CPS (Crank Position Sensor) to adjust fuel and spark timing for optimum power delivery in all weather, altitude and load conditions.
Performance gains vary depending on Throttle and RPM points however typically gains are in Top End power and Bottom End throttle response is expected from the "Power" settings and a smoother more tractable or rideable power from the "Traction" settings.
We have done extensive work to include tune parameters which improve starting and almost eliminate the flameouts experienced with some EFI MX bikes. All of the development work is done for you! All that is left is for you to do is chose a setting that best suits your riding style or track conditions and ride!
The ECU is also fully programmable (Software not supplied) with parameters that are far more extensive than those found in any factory setting tools, such as Rev Limits, Throttle Enrichment & Decay time, Fuel timing, High Resolution Mapping, Dwell Time, Voltage Output and trim tables for cold starting, air intake temperature (IAT), Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT), Barometric Pressure, Battery voltage, etc...
In addition there is real time logging & graphing of many parameters (when combined with the ECU Software - not included)
The 10 Map ECU provides substantial gains in the POWER settings but also and in particular for the 350SXF the off road riders will love the TRACTION and LINEAR POWER settings. Used in conjunction with the Handlebar Switch the KTM350SXF make a fantastic OFF ROAD machine as well. For the 250SXF we have developed performance maps for modified and stock motors that are pre programmed in the ECU. The KTM250SXF and KTM350SXF will benefit from:

Improved bottom end Power and throttle response
Improved top end and over rev Power
Better starting and stall prevention
Higher Rev Limits
Fuel timing for improved atomization and response

Pre Programmed with 10 Performance Fuel & Ignition maps - all the work is done for you!
Instant Plug in Performance (replaces standard ECU with no mods to wiring required)
Fuel Trim Switches adjust fuel mapping by +12.5% to -10% in Lo , Mid and Hi throttle bands
Adjustments require only a screwdriver and integrated switches provide visual feedback.
Simple to install with mounting hardware supplied (where required)
V-Boost - Programmable Voltage Boost Circuit for maximizing Spark Energy across the entire rev range
Higher / Lower Rev Limit (where required)
Robust design is fully encapsulated and O-ring sealed
Diagnostic Flash codes - tests for sensor faults and flashes codes to OEM FI light
Race proven reliability
Re Programmable (Software and Interface hardware not Included)

Price: $699.95
Tokyomods 10 Map Ignition System
Tokyomods 10 map ignitions are manufactured by Vortex Performance - Inventors of the Dual Curve CDI lead the way again with X10 CDI the smallest and most Powerful Programmable CDI’s available. The X10 CDI allows the user to select up to 10 different power modes as easily as adjusting clickers on your suspension. With the advent of X10 Technology the X10 CDI can be programmed with up to 10 Hi Resolution 3D Maps. This give the user the option to select from a range of power settings and customize the engines power delivery to suit a variety of rider styles, different track conditions, fuel octane levels or engine configurations. As with the Dual Curve CDI the X10 CDI also allows the rider to change power modes dynamically via a Handlebar Switch. From Mild to Wild the possibilities are endless with the X10 CDI.

Key Features:
- Pre Programmed with10 selectable power settings via X10 Switch
- Instant Plug in Performance (replaces standard CDI with no mods to wiring required)
- Handlebar Switch for Dynamic Map Selection
- Small for weight saving and ease of mounting
- Rubber Mounting Boot + Brackets supplied (where required)
- V-Boost - Internal Voltage Boost Circuit for maximizing Spark Energy across the entire rev range
- Power Jet Control - Multiple On / Off (where applicable)
- Rev Limiter (where required)
- Re-Programmable
- Race Proven Reliability
Complete system with titanium PowerBomb header and midpipe; except where noted. Race proven reliability testing, high temp multi-layer packing material and exclusive repack maintenance indicator.

- The lightest full system available.
- Superior power and performance - horsepower improved throughout RPM range.
- Features exclusive proprietary Chamber Core and PowerBomb technology.
- Factory Forward Engineering centralizes mass, improves handling.
- Titanium or Carbon muffler with titanium end caps, midpipe and PowerBomb header.
- Made from premium quality American materials.
- Customize with performance tuning inserts and spark arrestor module.
- Meets AMA sound requirements on most models; inserts available for others.
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Engine Parts

Tokyomods Camshafts
Billet Motocross Cam Set $839.95. Cores required for sprockets. Requires the use of Tokyomods Hi Performance valve spring kit. This cam set is designed to increase the much needed bottom power while also increasing mid to top end.
Tokyomods Hi Performance Valve Spring Kit
Tokyomods Hi Performance Valve Spring Kits are designed to handle the extreme demands of hi performance racing camshafts. Kits include spring bases, valve springs, and titanium retainers.
Tokyomods Titanium Valves
Tokyomods Titanium Racing Valves are one piece forged titanium, lighter then stock allowing valve train to rev with less effort resulting in increased horsepower. Titanium valves are also precision polished for flawless surface finish, and reduced carbon build up. Tokyomods titanium valves require the use of Tokyomods Copper Alloy valve seats.
Set of 5 $850.00
Tokyomods Valve Guides
Tokyomods valve guides are superior to stock steel guides, they are lighter then stock, dissipate heat from the valve better, and reduce valve drag.
Set of 5 $99.75
Install new Valve Guides and Cut Valve Seats
Tokyomods Valve Seats
Tokyomods Copper-Alloy Valve seats are a must when installing titanium valves. They not only dissipate heat from the valve better, they also reduce valve bounce extending valve life.
Set of 5 $249.75
$139.95 installed each
Tokyomods Hi-Compression Pistons
Price $259.95
Tokyomods Head Porting
Tokyomods Head porting is done with the expertise of over 20 years experience of 4 stroke engine building.
Tokyomods Hi-Performance Clutch Springs
The excessive heat generated in your 4 stroke engine will break down stock chrome silicon clutch springs in a matter of minutes. As the clutch springs fade they loose their clamping power causing your clutch plates to slip and your horsepower to diminish. Tokyomods clutch springs are manufactured from the highest quality material to resist to high temperatures caused by today’s 4 stroke engines. Tokyomods clutch springs will increase your clutch engagement without a heavy lever feel. These are a must for all 4 stroke motocross bikes.
Tokyomods YZF Neutral Switch Removal Plate
Remove your neutral switch sensor and eliminate weight on your YZ450 06-09. Our billet block off plate is anodized blue and includes a new o-ring for a leak free seal.
Price $29.95
CV4 Radiator Hose Kits
Price: $77.70

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